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Leakage 1.0 - Automatic Glitching Bassline Machine

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Leakage is a collection of 128 specially designed custom Wavetable presets, with a Max for Live machine that automatically switches between different sounds each time a new note is played. This creates colorful, moving and unique glitchy bass patterns for any MIDI Loop you feed into it.

Check out the video on it's operation here :

As well as being able to switch presets, you can change up to 8 individual parameters per note, or you can randomize them to quickly create incredibly complex basslines.

Due to the design of the presets, you can use the randomize feature to quickly generate new and exciting combinations of sounds. Once you have something laid down, you fine tune them using the central sequencer area to get them sounding super sharp.

The parameters you can change are

Chain : This chooses one of the 128 chains that contain the individual presets.

Filter Amount : Opens up or closes down the cuttoff on a low pass filter.

Filter Attack : How long the filter cuttoff takes to reach the filter amount point, great for wubs.

Filter Decay : How long the filter cuttoff takes to die after the peak is reached, great for stabs.

Grunt : Controls the twisting and morphing of the Wavetable, often adding harsher and more intense harmonics.

Mod Amount : Brings the LFO into play, which is connected to either the filter cutoff or the Wavetable position.

Mod Rate : How fast the modulation of these parameters will happen.

Special Alpha : A unique parameter that is different for every preset, adding more character to the sound.

Special Beta : Another unique parameter that is based per preset - play around with these to really get some action really happening.

If you’re in Session mode, you can click the “Count MIDI” button to adjust the step size to how many notes you have in your clip so the loop is always seamless.

Alternatively you can specify the amount of steps, all the way up to 128, for basslines that just keep evolving - great for resampling something over and over until you hit the money shot.

If you prefer, you can switch it to Velocity mode where the velocity of the note in the MIDI editor determines which step, chain or preset is used for that particular note.

Leakage is something I’ve been working on for over 5 years, and is the next phase of my classic glitchy bassline technique where you resample the same loop over and over with different sounds, then cut, chop and remove from the results until you get something that sounds awesome.

With current computer processing power, and the addition of custom wavetables in Live 10.1, I can now release this in it’s full form to the public.

As usual, Leakage is “Pay what you want”. The last pack I released, called Downgrade, used this system and to be honest, it blew my mind how many of you made a contribution. People chipped in 1, 2 or 5 bucks… but a lot of you did! It was so much it covered my rent and bills for a month, freeing up my time so I could work on this Leakage release. I was totally blown away by the generosity, so I am going to keep rolling with this system. Even if it’s just 2 dollars, it all adds up and means I can keep pumping out new and exciting tools, without having to restrict the availability to people who have money.

Also, anyone who chips in will automatically get on an early access list for additional Leakage pack releases that are coming out in the future, including more bassline, lead and effect. 

Thankyou so much.


Ableton Live 10.1 SUITE

Leakage should run fine on most machines less than 5 years old. However, I suggest using the minimum below.

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1) or 64-bit Windows 10, macOS High Sierra

Processor: Intel CPU Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz / AMD CPU AMD FX-8350 4 GHz

Memory: 8 GB RAM


1) Download and Unzip the Leakage 1.0 Package

2) Open the Tom Cosm - Leakage 1.0.als file in Ableton Live

3) Once loaded, make sure the Leakage MIDI Track is selected

4) Click on the "save" icon (it looks like a little disk) in the title bar of the parent Tom Cosm - Leakage 1.0 Instrument Rack.

5) This will save the device to your user Library, with an option to rename it. If you don't want to rename it, simply hit enter. You can now drag it from your library into any other Ableton Live Projects.


My first point of contact is Discord

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Leakage 1.0 - Automatic Glitching Bassline Machine

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