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DJ Megaset Pro 3

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DJ Megaset Pro 3 is an advanced Ableton Live Template that fills the gap of what traditional DJ gear lacks.

It’s packed with carefully crafted custom tools and effects, to move beyond just mixing two tracks together

Each of the four Decks has a control strip that contains the basic stuff like an 3 band EQ, high and low pass filters, and a CDJ style looper.

The Deck Strip’s contain more advanced tools like a sweepable band pass filter, time synced EQ slide functions, and a module with 32 effects with multiple controls, that can be automated via a modulation engine.

Each Deck has its own sampler track, to quickly record loops and instantly play them back. The sampler tracks have a full Deck Strip as well for further creative processing.

The filler engine is a quick and easy way to create fills whenever you like, with randomization so each fill is uniquely different.

The Impact Engine creates randomized riser and faller effects, quantized to the BPM, to assist in flow and phrasing when you’re looping or mixing multiple tracks together

The Dummy Clips Engine allows for quick improvised adjustments to the audio, with 16 chained effects that have 8 automated parameter configurations each.

The Automoton Engine is a modulation monster, allowing you to draw custom LFO shapes for 64 parameters spread across 8 effects.

The DJ Megaset Pro 3 is scattered with additional tools that can help you out, such as a timed BPM slider, a WAV recorder to capture your mixes, and even a PANIC dial for when things go wrong and you need to turn everything into soup.

I’ve spent years perfecting this system so I can perform with something that acts more like a real-time remix machine. If you want that extra element of creative control when mixing music together, go check it out.

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Ableton Live Suite 11.x


Processor : Core i5-4750 2.9GHz

Memory : 16GB RAM

Included in the ZIP file is a “Light” version that has stripped back functionality if you find the template can not run on your system.

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DJ Megaset Pro 3

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