Tom Cosm - External Resampler 1.0

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External Resampler allows you to resample your hardware or software synthesizers automatically. You specify what range, and what increment of notes you wish to resample and it records each note to your hard drive with an appropriate filename. Great for resampling gear that doesn't allow preset saving, so you can have a digital copy of the patch forever.

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Instructions :

1) Unzip the file and run the External Resampler 1.0 application.

2) Click on the Audio card options to choose your audio input and output (it will play the notes through your output as you resample if you want)

3) Click "refresh midi ports" and choose your MIDI output from the drop down menu

4) Click "select folder" and select the folder where the samples will be saved

5) Click "choose filename" and enter a name for the file (it will automatically add the note at the end of each file, example: synth-C3)

6) Select the range of notes you wish to sample using the start and end dials.

7) Select the steps you want to record in semitones (eg: 1st will resample every single note within the range, 2st will resample every second note, 12st will just sample the octaves"

8) Set your velocity (127 max etc)

9) Set your sustain time (how long you want the samples to be held for)

10) Set your release time (how much tail there is... release times and reverb tails etc)

11) Leave Record Delay unless you find that the samples are getting their start cut

12) Turn on the audio drivers by clicking the Microphone button (top left)

13) Hit "Test" to send a test midi note to your synth - check the level meters to make sure it's ok

14) when all is good, hit "begin"

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Tom Cosm - External Resampler 1.0

32 ratings