Tom Cosm - Slightly Useful Plugins

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Tom Cosm - Slightly Useful Plugins

Tom Cosm
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SUP is a collection of slightly useful Max for Live plugins that have a simple yet specific purpose - a toolbox of devices that can scratch itches that usually can't be reached.

I will add/update devices as I continue to work on them here.

||| UPDATES |||

30/11/18 - Added Volume Jumps 1.1 (Description Below)

Device Descriptions:

1 Up 2 Down - A master dial that controls two parameters, when you move the master up, parameter 1 moves up, when you move the master down, parameter 2 moves down.

Any Note to Clip Slot Trigger - Placed on a MIDI Tack, this listens for note on and note off values. Assign both note on and note off to trigger playing a particular Clip Slot in Live view.

Assignable Mod Wheel - Allows you to automate and modulate the Mod Wheel (place before an instrument).

Big Keyboard - A large MIDI keyboard display. Click "Big" to popup an even larger one.

Big Scene Names - A large popup window displaying the currently playing Scene (and the next Scene to come).

Cycle Parameter - With a single button, cycle through 8 different values you specify. Mappable to any parameter in Live.

Dual Toggle - Use a button to switch two parameters between two values. Good for lowering the volume and turning up a send (and back again).

HD Recorder - Constantly record audio from a Track (or Master Track) to your hard drive. Set a time so that it re-records over the last recording. Good for leaving on when you are toying with ideas in case you do something you like and want to keep.

Locator Trigger - Scans for 32 Locator Points in Arrangement View and lists them, with mappable "Go" buttons to quickly jump to each one.

Logarithmic Dial - Allows you to specify a curve when tweaking a parameter.

Mapper - Simply map it to a parameter, and turn the dial.

MIDI Note to Clip Slot Trigger - Triggers Clip Slots on the Track to the right based on MIDI notes played on the MIDI Track the devices is on.

MIDI Nuke - Sends a note off value for every possible MIDI note, to unstick any notes still playing.

Multi Parameter Curve - Set custom curves and shapes to parameters so you can do complex value movements by turning one dial up and down. Can have up to 5 custom shapes assigned to 5 different parameters.

Multi Stage Dial - One dial that controls 5 different parameters in succession. Good for doing dial sweeps that progressively change more and more.

Parameter Jump - A button that jumps a parameter to a fixed value.

Parameter Slide - A button that slides between two parameter values at a time you specify.

Parameter Splitter - One dial that moves two parameters in succession. Good for assigning to a low pass and high pass filter cutoff, to sweep the full range of both one after the other.

Parameter Switch - A button that switches between two values of a parameter. Hold the button for one value, let go to switch to the other.

Punch Jumper - A button that jumps the play cursor to the Punch In point in Arrangement View.

Quantize Automation - Takes input from one dial and tempo quantizes the output to another which can be mapped to any parameter.

Random - A button that chooses a random value for a parameter each time it is pushed.

Repeater - Outputs a parameter value at specific amount of times, with a delay you can specify between each one.

Simple Meters - Big DB meters. Put it between devices to get more of an idea of audio levels.

Solo Automator - Allows you to automate the Solo function of a Track.

Tempo Jump - Moves the tempo up and down with button pushes in increments you specify.

Timed Tempo Jumps - Specify 8 different BPMs, choose a time amount and hit GO to slide the tempo to any of your choices.

View Switch - A mappable button that switches between Arrangement and Session View.

Volume Jumps - Two mappable buttons that allow you to increase or decrease the Track Volume Fader by an increment you specify.

//// Requests, comments, problems : https://discord.gg/cBm96BY @tomcosm

//// Can I help? Need something slightly more useful? Have an idea that needs to be built? I can do it. bookings@cosm.co.nz

//// Can you help? Tips allow me to make more free stuff.


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Enjoy =)!


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